Enter a new way of finding your next flight

With new technology new options arrives. Today we shouldn’t need to know where we want to go but instead we should inspire to explore new places. The tech is ready, we are ready, let’s do it!

The developers around the round table presents to you Flight search reinvented 2.0 We will develop the new place where you start your journey, your destinatiton into the unknown.

There are already lots of OTA (online travel agency) selling flights and probably as many meta search engine. But their problem is that they are stuck in the past. Meta enginges tend to be more up to date regarding technology but it’s still a joke. Today most meta engines rely on polling the servers several times to fetch the data. The customer doesn’t care and for them it looks badass with results comming in all the time.

YAMSE (yet another meta search engine) - do we need it?

Sure! We don’t care about what the customer thinks, we want it to be badass even when looking at the code. With badass looking code, we can attract the best developers and we heard that developers that have fun while working is producing even more badass code.

So it’s all about the code - who cares

Bored developers tend to write boring code. Boring code is not productive. So by using cool tech, developers stay sharp and creates awesome solutions to solve problems. It’s our belife that with awesome code comes awesome user experience. So no, it’s not about the code, we do care about the customers. While having the backend to rule them all, we will also have the frontend to make them drowl.


We will never get stuck and get comfortable with tech. Sure thing we like battle tested code, but the code looks pretty awful after a long battle. By adapting new ways of solving problems, architecture that forgives and a user friendly front end we will always stay on top.

Sounds crazy, who can keep up?

By using a architecture that enables us to create small seperated services we can always choose right stack for the right problem. This also means that we can do whatever we want inside a service without breaking other stuff.

Show me the money

To boil it down - we presents options for the customer. The customer picks one and end up on our clients (OTA) website. The customer doesn’t pay us anything. Our client does pay us for each customer we send to their site. There will be different models for different clients. Meaning we will be dynamic.

So basically you wont profit at all?

We are up for a challenge.

Challenge accepted

Great, as we are a small team of developers we are really agile. We plan to grow and we plan to succeed. Old habits will be challenged, legacy code will be refactored. To increase our velocity we are going to need funding. Join our journey to reinvent how customers find their next flight. For more information contact us on alexander@airwi.se